The future will be defind...

by What’s NEXT?

My passion has always been finding What’s NEXT? What is the future? Where am I going? What do I see and hear when I get there? What will feel like true life to my ears down the road? Tell me what you are passionate about when it comes to creativity? In the comments below or in a direct message to me on the contact page. Let’s hear it!!!

Kyrsta Rodden Studio Project 2019

Had the massive honor to work with artist Kyrsta Rodden in Nashville during the month of May!! We did some writing… we recorded three songs… we had some FRESH pizza… and generally had a great time. Watch out for some new music coming your way from her soon. Look her up!!

sound emporium kyrsta 2.JPG

What's NEXT? is growing...

Hey creators… had a meeting this morning about some businesses in our city LOVE the What’s NEXT? event each month and want to support it. I’ll have more details in the coming weeks!!! Today I’m featuring Dan O’Rourke because he is SUCH a talent and working hard and smart and doing ALL the right things for huge success. He will be featured April 10th at 6pm at Douglas Corner. Come find us…

Dan O'Rourke.png

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Nashville

Had the extreme privilege of sitting down with students from ICMP in Nashville, Tennessee this week. I listened to songs and met so many amazing creators!!!! I love talking about creativity and how it is such a huge part of my life. Of course I didn’t get pictures because I never get pictures but it happened and I’m so happy that it did and look forward to seeing all of YOU again… please stay in touch.

International Song Contest Finalist...

I’ve never been completely connected to song contest BUT in the last few months there has been some really sweet energy coming from the experience of Bad Poetry winning the pop song category in the US Songwriting competition. This week got the news that the song Camouflage from the band TOWNE has been named a finalist in the Pop category and the track Wide Awake from the amazing band The Static Shift has been named a finalist in the Rock category in the same contest. Hope you will check those out and pass along. I LOVE writing lyrics with melody and hearing how the come to life with the right voice and production!! Here’s to others hearing our work!! Nothing like it in the world.

Working on new music... 2019.

For the first time in my career (since 1992) I’ve made myself buckle down and write from a very personal viewpoint. This is HARD. It’s hard for me to stay focused and not wander off the path. For those of you who are comfortable telling your own story you may understand this. I get so distracted because of fear… or that’s my opinion. I think I get distracted because I worry that this content isn’t very good. What if NO ONE likes what I have to say?

What if what I say out loud is met with snark? What if what I say is met with silence? What if… ? What… ?