Welcome to our creative space...

I wanted to create a space where I can share with you what I'm working on during 2016. I have been writing and working in Nashville since June 1992 (that's a really long time!!)

I have learned so much in these years and have spent many hours teaching and talking about writing and creative living. I am a big believer that EVERYONE is creative we just have to find our "thing"... our outlet... our strength. Motivation is sometimes our greatest weakness. Finding time to write or sculpt or paint or (fill in the blank) is a lot of time last on our list. We are told to get a "real" job and stop chasing fantasy or stop being a dreamer. 

Don't do that. Ever. 

Be you. 

Be creative. 

Be smart.

Be genuine. 

It's going to be fun...  and hard. What do you say we dig in and find our creative best lives to live?