Towne single Camouflage is OUT!!!


Find this on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes!! I'm very proud of this track. Steevie and Jon and I were sitting in the writing room and she mentioned how she feels like people don't ACTUALLY see her. I was all too familiar with that feeling so we created a story around that. One of my favorite choruses I've ever written. I'm not a wall paper girl...  blending in to my surroundings...  in some wasted heart world...  falling for the boy who found me. 

It's time for us to speak up and let the world know we have opinions and thoughts. Hey 2018...  I'm loving it. 

Heaven is here...

on iTunes

and on Apple music

Pandora, Spotify and most music distributions. 

Heaven / artist: pops&b / feat: katrina elam & jeremy lister

2017 is THE year for great music...

I love great music like 99% of you do. I have my earbuds in this morning revisiting Keane because I love, love everything about them. Every day i wake up setting my intention to write / produce the best music that I can that speaks to me but also to a whole lot of people out in the world. Just returned from a week of writing / producing in LA with some crazy great artists. I hope new music will be ready for consumption SOON. 

Create something that I love today... that is my biggest wish!!!

Holidaze Are Here...

Hope the holidays bring lots of rest of comfort and getting ready for 2017. Here is my songspace account to look at a few new songs for the end of 2016!


New music coming February 2017...  



Summer 2016

it's HOT


Summer in Nashville is always hot but this year is different...  Making time for being close to the water, making time for family, making time to use fresh garden vegetables and turning them into amazing meals with the help of the whole family...  makes the summer feel fun again. 

The same is true for my work. Sometimes I feel burned...  when that happens I am learning how to step away and breathe and have FUN. Fun is no longer the f-word for me. It is beginning to be exactly what I need and I'm not afraid to have it.

Check out my online class with Hope to see you, hear you soon. 


Spring 2016

ASCAP Expo was amazing and I met some talented, wonderful humans and I am grateful to see the passion for quality music is alive and well!! I met so many of you in LA for the EXPO and I appreciate the feedback and the emails. 

In Nashville I just finished filming a new teaching series for SongTown and that should be on their online site very soon. It is an in depth look at creative living and how to navigate being a creator (which we all are) which includes being a songwriter. Look for that...

I will be back in LA June 8-11 for some work with an amazing artist... hope you are hearing from her soon. Can't wait for you to hear this voice and this soul. She is one of a kind. 

Please stay in touch with me but also with each other!! Creativity and community are very important to each other. We matter. 


Criminal is OUT today on iTunes

Check out Bailey Alexandra... brand new artist with her first single hitting iTunes this morning. Connor Kaos did so much of the programming and Alena Moran did an amazing job with these vocals and then to top it off... Jon Kaplan in LA did the final mix / mastering!! The bottom line is Bailey Alexandra is a true bad a$$ and we all love working with her... 


check it...



My process begins with crossing paths with the creative genius that lives out in the universe. I put my thoughts into neutral and open myself up to what is sitting there waiting. My blank canvas starts every single morning. If there are too many "to do" things in my head I don't achieve what I want which is a blank, beautiful, open canvas. 

If I have emails to answer... I do those. If I have dishes that need to be cleaned and put away... I do that. If I need to eat or have my coffee... I do that and then settle in. The creative genius isn't something inside of me... it lives out in the wonderful unknown. I just invite it in every day to visit for a few minutes...  and when it does I want to be holding the pencil. 


Physical creative space

Having a creative head space...  you need a creative physical space. It can be a corner of your apartment, your favorite coffee shop (with headphones!!), the kitchen table, a closet, a spare bedroom, living room... 

Make it yours. Make it comfortable. Make it peaceful. Make it open and inviting... then walk into it every single day!!

Welcome to our creative space...

I wanted to create a space where I can share with you what I'm working on during 2016. I have been writing and working in Nashville since June 1992 (that's a really long time!!)

I have learned so much in these years and have spent many hours teaching and talking about writing and creative living. I am a big believer that EVERYONE is creative we just have to find our "thing"... our outlet... our strength. Motivation is sometimes our greatest weakness. Finding time to write or sculpt or paint or (fill in the blank) is a lot of time last on our list. We are told to get a "real" job and stop chasing fantasy or stop being a dreamer. 

Don't do that. Ever. 

Be you. 

Be creative. 

Be smart.

Be genuine. 

It's going to be fun...  and hard. What do you say we dig in and find our creative best lives to live?