What's NEXT? is growing...

Hey creators… had a meeting this morning about some businesses in our city LOVE the What’s NEXT? event each month and want to support it. I’ll have more details in the coming weeks!!! Today I’m featuring Dan O’Rourke because he is SUCH a talent and working hard and smart and doing ALL the right things for huge success. He will be featured April 10th at 6pm at Douglas Corner. Come find us…

Dan O'Rourke.png

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Nashville

Had the extreme privilege of sitting down with students from ICMP in Nashville, Tennessee this week. I listened to songs and met so many amazing creators!!!! I love talking about creativity and how it is such a huge part of my life. Of course I didn’t get pictures because I never get pictures but it happened and I’m so happy that it did and look forward to seeing all of YOU again… please stay in touch.

International Song Contest Finalist...

I’ve never been completely connected to song contest BUT in the last few months there has been some really sweet energy coming from the experience of Bad Poetry winning the pop song category in the US Songwriting competition. This week got the news that the song Camouflage from the band TOWNE has been named a finalist in the Pop category and the track Wide Awake from the amazing band The Static Shift has been named a finalist in the Rock category in the same contest. Hope you will check those out and pass along. I LOVE writing lyrics with melody and hearing how the come to life with the right voice and production!! Here’s to others hearing our work!! Nothing like it in the world.

Working on new music... 2019.

For the first time in my career (since 1992) I’ve made myself buckle down and write from a very personal viewpoint. This is HARD. It’s hard for me to stay focused and not wander off the path. For those of you who are comfortable telling your own story you may understand this. I get so distracted because of fear… or that’s my opinion. I think I get distracted because I worry that this content isn’t very good. What if NO ONE likes what I have to say?

What if what I say out loud is met with snark? What if what I say is met with silence? What if… ? What… ?

What's NEXT

January 16th at 6pm at Douglas Corner Cafe will be THE first installment of a showcase called What’s NEXT!! This will feature some young up-and-coming talent who are taking the steps to huge writing / artist success!! Come hang out and listen and let’s start 2019 together!

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ASCAP Awards 2018

every SINGLE year I spend this day getting ready to honor allll of the songs from our ASCAP writers. I iron my shirt, I drink my coffee, I reflect on my community and how I can help us become more connected, not less connected. I care so deeply about music and its creation. I care about creators and their health and well being. That doesn’t pay a lot but I will still show up tonight for something bigger than myself. #ascapawards2018

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Creating a NEW chapter...

I started writing full time in 1997. I have been with several amazing publishers through the years... Universal, Warner Chappell to name a couple. I started with Words & Music Administration back in 2008 and just ended my time with them in June 2018. Ten years of catalog is a long time. It has been fruitful and beautiful. 

Our business is changing so much and I am working hard to keep up with the way a publishing business model can look for optimal success. It feels, to me, that the more lean and focused a publishing house can be the greater the chances they can make fast and strategic changes to fit the market. We NEED music. We need creativity. How do we provide that and still pay our bills? This is my mission. Find the answers to these questions. 

I am ready for chapter "next". Come with me? 

Towne single Camouflage is OUT!!!



Find this on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes!! I'm very proud of this track. Steevie and Jon and I were sitting in the writing room and she mentioned how she feels like people don't ACTUALLY see her. I was all too familiar with that feeling so we created a story around that. One of my favorite choruses I've ever written. I'm not a wall paper girl...  blending in to my surroundings...  in some wasted heart world...  falling for the boy who found me. 

It's time for us to speak up and let the world know we have opinions and thoughts. Hey 2018...  I'm loving it. 

Heaven is here...

on iTunes


and on Apple music


Pandora, Spotify and most music distributions. 

Heaven / artist: pops&b / feat: katrina elam & jeremy lister

2017 is THE year for great music...

I love great music like 99% of you do. I have my earbuds in this morning revisiting Keane because I love, love everything about them. Every day i wake up setting my intention to write / produce the best music that I can that speaks to me but also to a whole lot of people out in the world. Just returned from a week of writing / producing in LA with some crazy great artists. I hope new music will be ready for consumption SOON. 

Create something that I love today... that is my biggest wish!!!

Holidaze Are Here...

Hope the holidays bring lots of rest of comfort and getting ready for 2017. Here is my songspace account to look at a few new songs for the end of 2016!




New music coming February 2017...  



Summer 2016

it's HOT


Summer in Nashville is always hot but this year is different...  Making time for being close to the water, making time for family, making time to use fresh garden vegetables and turning them into amazing meals with the help of the whole family...  makes the summer feel fun again. 

The same is true for my work. Sometimes I feel burned...  when that happens I am learning how to step away and breathe and have FUN. Fun is no longer the f-word for me. It is beginning to be exactly what I need and I'm not afraid to have it.

Check out my online class with SongTown.com. Hope to see you, hear you soon.